UofL Football Recruiting Update: Current/Future Commits Edition

With less than two weeks left until National Signing Day lets take a look at what current commitments the Cardinals still have that are expected to sign on Feb. 5th as well as some of the other names of prospects who may yet commit to Bobby Petrino and his staff in the mean time. First up lets go over our current commitments, I will rank these guys using all four major recruiting services with the highest of the four being shown.

4* Commitments
Reggie Bonnafon – QB – 6’2 190lbs
DeSean Blair – WR – 6’4 185lbs
Trevon Young – DE – 6’4 235lbs (JUCO)
Michael Johnson – S – 6’2 190lbs
Nilijah Ballew – DB – 6’1 200lbs

3* Commitments
L.J. Scott – RB – 6’0 215lbs
Cameron Polk – WR – 6’1 186lbs
T.J. Foster – WR – 6’3 170lbs
Mickey Crum – TE – 6’4 212lbs
Devin Pike – TE – 6’6 225lbs
Danny Burns – OL – 6’8 320lbs
Kelby Johnson – OL – 6’8 315lbs (JUCO)
Zykiesis Cannon – ATH – 6’0 180lbs
De’Eric Culver – DB – 6’0 180lbs
Henry Famurewa – LB – 6’1 225lbs
Shaquille Jones – DB – 6’2 175lbs
Terry Ramsey – DE – 6’5 232lbs
Isaac Stewart – LB – 6’2 228lbs

Total Commitments: 18 (5 four star prospects and 13 three star suspects)

As you can see the recruiting class that we have here is still pretty solid. We took a slight hit when coach strong left and lost 3 or 4 of our four star recruits however if there is one thing Bobby Petrino has proven from his first stint at Louisville in the Big East to more recently at Arkansas in the SEC is that when he recruits he does not care about a prospects star rating whatsoever. He sits down and puts recruiting classes together like a puzzle, ensuring that he has the right players with the right size and speed for what he wants to do both offensively and defensively.

The one currently committed offensive recruit I am most excited about is DeSean Blair. He has the size of a number one receiver with the speed of a slot receiver and I expect by his sophomore or junior campaign he will be producing big time in Petrinos offense. The defensive commit I am most excited about has to be Trevon Young. He has prototypical size for a DE and may very well be switched to LB as Louisville will transition into more of a 3-4 scheme next year. Either way he has all the tools to wreak havoc in the ACC over the next couple of years.

As I mentioned above Petrino and staff have been working tirelessly to bring in recruits both formerly committed and newly contacted in order to round out this class. We currently have 18 commitments and can easily take a total of 25 commitments and be within our scholarship limit for this year. Below are some of the most talked about recruits that are still claiming interest in Louisville. We will rate them in three categories and then talk about them a little bit.

Most Likely to Commit
Lukayis McNeil – 4* OL 6’7 270lbs
Isaiah Ford – 4* WR 6’2 170lbs

Too Tough to Call
Daniel Cage – 4* DE 6’3 295lbs
Trumaine Washington – 3* DB 6’0 170lbs

Least Likely to Commit
Grant Harris – 3* DE 6’4 270lbs
George Rushing – 3* WR – 6’1 180lbs

These are just 6 potential recruits that are being talked about the most right now as we get closer to National Signing Day. Out of all of them the one I personally want the absolute most is Isaiah Ford. Ford is a two sport athlete who wants to also play basketball for Hall of Fame coach Rick Pitino. He is 6’2 and as fast and skilled as they come at the WR position. He could be huge in the return game even as a freshman and certainly develop into a prime time receiver as a sophomore or junior. Ford is also on record as saying that he “loves” Coach Petrino’s offensive style. One player that may be a surprise is George Rushing. Rushing is a 3* WR out of Florida who was committed to UofL for many months prior to decommitting immediately after Strong’s departure. He has never really given any reasons publicly as to why he decommitted other than to say it was the best decision for him. He did however make an official visit to Louisville this weekend to meet with the new staff so he may surprise us and end up in Cardinal red after all.


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